Case Study: Rugby playing below knee amputee

Paul was an outgoing young man, studying at University and was also a keen rugby player. He was involved in road traffic accident that resulted in him requiring a left transtibial amputation.

Paul suffered severe psychological trauma following the accident and his mental health became a real concern for his family and his case manager.  He saw no hope for the future- he was extremely concerned about his body image and future relationships, his job prospects and giving up on the hobby that he played since he was five years old.

Following structured treatment for psychological trauma organised by his case manager, Paul’s mental health improved.  He suffered fewer intrusive thoughts, his mood was more stable, he begun adjusting to life as an amputee and thinking positively about his future.  He was able to engage in a robust prosthetic rehabilitation programme recommended and organised by his case manager.

Paul continues to make good progress.  He was able to return to University and finish the final year of his degree course.  Although he had not been able to return to playing full contact rugby, he had been able to play social games of touch rugby and was heavily involved in coaching.  Through the help of his case manager, he was able to secure a job within rugby development, which he loved.

Please note that the name of the injured party in this case study has been changed to protect their privacy.