Once the funding for case management intervention has been agreed by the referring parties, we proceed with actioning the recommendations outlined in the Immediate Needs Assessment (INA).

We see the role of the case manager as key to providing a clear and harmonised pathway of various therapeutic and care services, to ensure the injured person’s goals are achieved in a timely manner. 

Our case management benchmark:

  • The injured person is always at the centre of the rehabilitation journey
  • Planning, facilitating, advocating, and evaluating is our responsibility
  • Clear lines of communication between all parties, always
  • Evidence based and clinically effective interventions to ensure most appropriate services accessed
  • Formal reporting periods so all parties are informed regarding progress towards goals and objective evaluation of input against budgets agreed
  • Standardised assessments and outcome measures regularly reviewed so all parties can monitor the progress made
  • Once the injured person has achieved their rehabilitation goals, we will provide a case management discharge report, including any recommendations that may be beneficial for the longer-term and cost analysis of our interventions
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